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Capabilities and Services
PCB Assembly




"Our technical capability ensures that we can support almost any market sector where there is a requirement for electronic or electro-mechanical product assembly”


HTS PCBA capabilities include:  

Skilled FMEA ability and rich experience database


Screen Printing Inspection


Rapid turnaround prototyping


High mix, Low/Medium volume build


Surface Mount Technology - Process capability for 01005 chips and 0.2mm pitch Ball Grid Array (BGA)


Through-hole assembly


Special processes (such as conformal coating and potting)


ROHS capability

  Workmanship to IPC-A-610




HTS Test solutions capabilities include:    

Automatic Optical Inspection


Reliability test (burn in, high and low temperature and humidity test)


Analogue and Digital functional test


PC based tester development


Firmware programming


Functional verification at board, semi-finished goods and system level


Fulfillment to end customer or final destinations




HTS Industrial capabilities include:

Description Company Model
Screen Printer Folungwin Win 6
Screen Printer DEK ELA
Pick&Place  MyData My15
Pick&Place MYCRONIC MY300 LX-11
Solder Reflow Oven Conceptronic HVH HT 120
Solder Reflow Oven Heller 1809 EXL
Climatic Chamber Binder KBF115
Climatic Chamber Binder KMF115
Baking Oven Iteco Sahara 80
Dual Wave Soldering Folungwin FL-MD 450
Solder Paste Freezer Fiocchetti POR0041
Selective Laser Soldering Seica FireFly
X-Ray System Phoenix Microme|x
X-Ray System Scienscope X-Scope 1800
Nitrogen Dry Cabinet  AirLiquide Alix Dry P
Solder Paste Precision Dispenser Techcon TS255
 Ultrasonic Washing Machine  Sonic 1550
 Visual Inspection Tools Mantis Vision
Electronic Power Souce 40 KVA  Keysight  AC6804B
Electronic Load 3,6 KVA  Elektro-Automatic  EA-EL 9500-90B
UPS 40 KVA  Borri  Ingenio Plus




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