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Capabilities and Services
PCB Assembly

Other Markets


With comprehensive accreditations, HTS is ideally placed to manufacture a wide range of technologies and it offers integrated electronic manufacturing services in telecommunications, consumer electronics, computer peripherals and appliance markets. 

HTS CFT’s, managed by the account manager, will work closely with you to understand your business needs, market trends and competitive environment and thanks to this the HTS succeeds to provide to you a customized, competitive and flexible solution. 

HTS manufactures and assembles a wide variety of sophisticated products that require assured supply and constant high quality.


You can depend on HTS for high quality medical device production.

Over the years, HTS’s Medical customers have come to rely more and more on HTS to manage the complexities related to productions and to the lifecycle of a medical instrument. HTS can also count on the aid of an advanced ERP management system which allows to manage all the production procedures in full compliance with all traceability criteria.

Thanks to the care of these details HTS’s customers are able to concentrate on new product designs and have the freedom to operate with maximum flexibility and agility, improving their own profitability.




Being accredited by IATF16949:2016,HTS has been supplying their global automotive customers with high quality products.

HTS’s CFT teams works closely with customers to create customized solutions for any automotive products.HTS understands the need for continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiencies and aims to maximize consistency and minimize risk to their customers through use of advanced traceability systems.

HTS fully understands automotive customer’s needs of quality, of fast deliveries and efficiency throughout the supply chain and delivers all this at low cost so that your business can be flexible and competitive



HTS has more than 18 years experience in the industrial market and his CFT constantly work hard to understand market trends, above all: technology, competitive landscape, green manufacturing, RoHS/WEEE and recycling in order fulfill your needs in a unique solution.

HTS has accrued a great deal of experience in manage, manufacture and test a vast range of industrial products. Thanks to this knowhow, HTS recognizes the need to advise and support their customers with materials selection, exceeding critical points of quality control, implementing special processes and optimal test solutions.

HTS currently manufactures a wide range of electronics products.


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